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Mobile power market there are several styles of type

Time:2013-05-28 10:46:52SitePrint this article

Mobile power with solar panels

    Only charging function of the mobile power. No additional features, designed to be simple, to use. The exhibition features the contrary, there is no wide mobile power when the main functions to maximize.

    2 with lighting function, built-in energy-saving Power LED lights, LED lighting, we all know, oh, is not only bright, but also very power. Evening at home all of a sudden power outage, or are able to go out camping rafts in great handy when. Only plus lighting function mobile power prices and purely mobile power charging price is almost the same. So Xiaobian to see a lot of consumers on the models are more pro-gaze.

    Mobile power with solar panels, sunlight can be directly converted into electrical energy. This is more convenient, the price is very cheap. Outing, hiking, golf, rest and so on to bring a really convenient. But life in general no single function mobile power.

    4 lithium polymer batteries to produce high-quality high-security mobile power. Many of our friends do not know when buying a product is what matters the most in need of attention just the blind pursuit of large capacity. The size of the proposed capacity only needs to be determined according to the needs of individuals, saying not to say that you, the best fit. In addition, particular attention to the medium of mobile power batteries, it was decided that the key to transformation capacity, batteries material just ordinary lithium batteries, is power capacity 50000MAH, power transforming only 50%. Lithium polymer batteries energy density, more compact, ultra-thin, lightweight, and high security, ideal for business people to buy oh.