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18650 battery compare with polymer battery

Time:2013-05-25 11:01:34SitePrint this article

Many people must be heard that 18650 battery is easy to be explosion, and the most bad thing of polymer battery is just easy to be fire,not explosion,so polymer battery is safety than 18650 battery. From theory's point of view,it is true,but the real situation is not like that.

18650 with steel packing,it is not easy to be deformed. With a long time develop,the technology has been mature today. Such as Panasonic , Sony, Samsung and other international manufacturers produced 18650 , the discharge performance, stability, stable life , and through excellent circuit design to achieve security, the probability of an explosion is very low. And polymer batteries although theoretically more secure, but due to an internal lithium-ion batteries was mushy , the external use of plastic film packaging , texture is soft, easily deformed , intolerance collide,therefore, technical difficulty, high production requirements for manufacturers.And now able to produce high-quality polymer batteries only a few vendors , different manufacturers use very different overvoltage protection , so the current domestic market, the polymer batteries are not necessarily safe than 18650 .