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Some detail about power bank

Time:2013-05-22 13:05:54SitePrint this article

See around the market, the price of power bank is very confusion. For example,power bank with 5000MAh capacity, the lowest price only need about 40 yuan,and the highest is 499 yuan.

Merchants said, power bank was mainly made by two part, one is the circuit board,and the other is cell. Cells is the main point to decide the quality, the good cells can use for several years and the poor one can use only half a year,so the price between both is very different. Specification of mobile power products usually uses polymer batteries, but many products on the market at present is relatively easy to fever and even explosion of lithium battery. High-quality polymer batteries' price is about 100 yuan, but one 18650 lithium battery's price is less than 10 yuan. This price difference,that is why the price of power bank is so difference.We can say, the power bank with 10000MAh capacity,if the price is less than 200yuan,it is hard to gurantee the quality.