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Note mobile power charger

Time:2013-02-23 11:23:12SitePrint this article

Regardless of the mobile power charging or discharging, the basic requirements of the mobile power are necessary to ensure the quality, must have a mobile power lithium battery protection circuit to use, this mobile power generally has overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit protection function. We are talking about charging Notes for this genuine mobile power for cottage version of the powerless.

Charging to other mobile devices Note:

1, the ambient temperature should pay attention to: avoid the temperature is too high or too low, can refer to the work of the lithium-ion battery temperature 0-35 ° C, the temperature is too low cause the battery to job insecurity, inadequate discharge, excessive shorten the life of electronic devices, damage batteries.

2, the voltage of the match: mobile power supply rated output voltage of 5V, the general should be controlled in the range of 5V ± 0.1V, otherwise can not give part 5V load charge.

3, the current match: mobile power supply rated output current is generally divided into two cases, 1A current charge to ordinary phones and smartphones, 2A (or 2.1A) current to charge the iPad or tablet, At this point, if you use the following 2A output mobile power will lead to dissatisfaction load charge and charging time is short, this situation is a dedicated iPad mobile power. The load to conduct 2A/2.1A current output is best to shut down, because the function of the complexity of the boot and sometimes may not be able to charge.

4, matching adapter: mobile power via a USB cable to charge the load, therefore, consistent interface connected load and load interface.

5, the quality of the cable: Be sure to select international standard wire made of a USB cable, otherwise, if the internal resistance of the USB cable is too large, may cause long charging time even charging failure.

Charging environment should be well-ventilated place, can not be placed in the bag to charge the phone. Because the mobile power charging will be part of the energy consumption into heat, on the bag less cooling effect, as I said before, the high temperature will have a negative impact and even lead to security incidents.

To the mobile power charging Notes:

For mobile power charging is actually charged to its built-in lithium battery, Reference Lithium Battery Caution. Note Note the first affirmation is to choose a regular charger, the charger will charge no overcurrent protection bad mobile power.

2, lithium battery charging requirements is used with the charge. Therefore, neither overcharge, over-discharge can not. Must not always wait the mobile power depleted before charging mobile power can not fully charged for a long time do not unplug the charger, otherwise, even if it is a formal mobile power supply protection circuit may also be under a state of long-term overcharge components sensitivity decreased, resulting in attenuation of the life of the mobile power.

To the mobile power charging, it is best to lie flat charge, and with a good strip. Now charging for mobile power in two ways: computer USB and household power. Mobile power cable is not long enough, will form on the suspension into a wall socket, so either the charge on the wiring board socket, or mobile power booster.

Unused for long periods of mobile power should charge it once a month.

Above that the four principles of the mobile power charging, discharging six principles. If you move the power price is higher than $ 200, these knowledge needed to master, because you valuable mobile power.