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How to determine the quality of the mobile power products

Time:2013-02-23 11:02:46SitePrint this article

According to the survey, the portability of mobile power products, practicality, versatility has been recognized user. Mobile power products not yet unified specification standards, the other simply to achieve the mobile power charging and discharging functions, not high-tech, combined with a lower threshold, many manufacturers have no strength among the industry. Mobile power products currently on the market quite a mixed bag, the product quality is uneven. In the purchase and use of mobile power, how to choose a good product, or how to determine the pros and cons of mobile power products?, I think there are three main factors that determine the quality of mobile power products.

The first is the quality of the batteries. Mobile power batteries commonly used lithium-ion battery, battery energy storage capacity as well as external power supplies, batteries quality is good or bad is difficult to discern from the surface, to distinguish from the brand also is insufficient evidence. Take batteries aging test is the commonly used methods: the quality of the batteries in the hundreds of times of charging and discharging cycle test can be informed that the capacity retention of the batteries, in order to determine the quality of batteries. From this point, the need for mandatory standards plus ad hoc Supervision, Inspection and departments to effectively carry out the certification of the results of the battery test, in order to ensure that the quality mobile power batteries. Present, the quality of the batteries can refer to the life of the product labeling, another try to buy the good reputation of the product, no quality problems after a rigorous screening batteries.

Second is the quality of workmanship and design of the PCB board. PCB board includes three functional modules: charging management system, boost system, protection system. The board determines the quality of the output quality of the mobile power. The basis for determining: whether the over-current protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection three protection functions; actual conversion efficiency of the board is qualified; board quality workmanship is excellent.

Again, mobile power design quality. Including the appearance of the material, the appearance of the creative, the appearance of aesthetic value. This is a matter of debate, is mainly determined by the consumer and the consumer market.

Of course, there are a lot of the details of the problem can not be ignored indirect impact product quality mobile power, such as the use of wire adapter quality. In the process of technological innovation in the mobile power needs the joint efforts of the various mobile power supply manufacturers.